Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So it turned out we already had enough pancake mix.

For our first-time-we-have-all-been-together-this-summer potluck, I thought curried chicken waffles with mango would be pretty tasty, so I made some impulse pancake/waffle mix purchases. A little over a week later, and Kevin and I are still working away at a pancake mix surplus. (I say pancake mix because our first and only attempt at waffles ended in a pretty massive fail.) In the past weeks, Rains has already seen blueberry pancakes, mango pancakes, and blueberry, mango, walnut pancakes. Tonight's dinner was our first shot at getting real creative with pancakes. Curried spinach pancakes are go!

We wound up using something like this recipe minus any actual proportions. It was pretty simple. We tossed the spices into the frying pan, gradually introducing the shredded spinach. It came out a little something like this.

I always expect it, but it inevitably catches me off guard when big things like spinach and onions cook down so much. Oh Spinach, I remember when you were Thiiiis Big!

All this business got fried for a while, and then blended. (I am thankful for at least one kitchen appliance that I am fairly sure of how to use.) Now here is the novel part, especially for all you plain pancakers out there:

(curried spinach goo)
(pancake batter)
(curried spinach pancake batter)

At this point, Kevin escaped to work, but I was lucky enough to have George as my Guinea pig. Of course, having already tasted the spinach goo, and knowing that pancakes usually taste pretty magnificent, it would have been a pretty big surprise for the sum of the two tasty parts to not be tasty as well. But yeah. They came out pretty good, and I think I would make them again. Actually, unless sleepwalking Kevin finishes off the leftover batter, I think I will make up some more tomorrow.


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