Saturday, July 10, 2010


After much pressuring from my dear roomie, Holly, I've finally uploaded a few batches of cooking photos. So I'll start with my first kitchen adventure: Lemon-Rasperry Cupcakes (which I was inspired to make because of - guess who! - HOLLY! what a gal!).

Ok. So I've never really been good with judging cooking measurements and how much of what you need, but I was a bit skeptical when looking through the ingredient list for these pups. So if you check out the recipe which I grabbed off, you'll find that it calls for 3 CUPS OF POWDERED SUGAR (split 50/50 between the actual cupcakes and the frosting). Ok. So maybe that's kind of normal for cupcakes... but when the recipe only makes a dozen? I'm not too sure about that. (If you ate one of these darling cupcakes, don't think about that too much. You might be distraught at just how much powdered sugar you ingested per cupcake).

Anyways, other than that, there weren't too many surprises along the way. Actually, things went pretty well until I pulled them out from the oven and found they had overflowed and attached to the pan.

This was the biggest problem because the cupcakes turned out to be way too flakey and crumbled at my every attempt to remove them. By the time I finished fighting with the little guys, I ended up breaking 8 of the dozen.

That's ok though. Still all the same :) So a little decoration of either lemon or raspberry icing and a couple fresh raspberries on top and VOILA! We got ourselves a bunch of beauties.

Lovely things. Oh, but wait! What's that I see at the bottom of the cakeys?


A yummy raspberry jam filling :) One of the best parts of the cupcakes. The other best part? Lemon zest. mmmsooogood.

Final decision about these cupcakes? Pretty good. But I decided they aren't actually cupcakes. They are much too dry and flakey to be cupcakes... So what are they? Muffins? Nah, too sweet...


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