Thursday, January 6, 2011

Other Goodies

Before getting back into the quarter, I wanted to do a little more cooking, mainly in the form of very sweet things. First, I wanted to use my cooking thermometer and try something new, so I tried a recipe for toffee. The name of the recipe is no lie: equal parts sugar, butter, and semi-sweet chocolate chips, and you're waiting for 285 degrees F.

Although there are a few horror stories in the comments, I had no problems with it burning or it separating. I was stirring quite a bit, and because of that, it didn't brown quite as much as it should have. Although I could've waited longer when it hit 285, I figured I wouldn't risk burning it just so it looks a little darker and translucent. The chocolate chips melted nicely, and I had no problem spreading it. It does take awhile to be sure it's set before breaking it, but actual making time was super-quick.

Second, I made peppermint snickerdoodles for a cookie swap we did. As to be expected, the food photography suckered me in, and mine didn't turn out anything like. Unlike my experience with the pumpkin pancakes, I should've drawn upon my general knowledge and chilled the dough before baking. The cookies are supposed to spread, but they spread far too much and didn't set very well before that and needed to be baked for far longer than specified. Also, it might work better to press the peppermint bits on top instead of rolling. The pieces near the edge ended up melting completely, and it didn't appear to work as well as it did in the blog I got the recipe from.

They also ended up a little hard from overbaking. Overall, I'm pretty dissatisfied with how they turned out, but it's okay because the toffee covered me in the goodies department. The rest of the cookie swap went great with additions such as shortbread, spicy chocolate cherry cookies, 2 types of chocolate chip cookies, rum cookies, chocolate oatmeal thingies, hazelnut-chocolate chip cookies, and probably other things I don't remember. We actually have a problematic number of cookies sitting in my room, but it's absolutely happier than no cookies.

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Nicole said...

Did the ones that got rolled in extra cinnamon taste better?